Who We Are

Zookx have been creating new and innovative websites since 2004.

The first step we take at the beginning of every project is to identify what the aims of the website will be and what the overall goals are. We then ustilise our experience and research the project fully to assess the most suitable and cost effective method to reach those goals. We love to see our clients projects launch and flourish, its what makes our work worthwhile.

We are proud that the majority of clients we have worked for previously remain with us, with Zookx providing post development services, website maintenance and guidance or even worth on further projects and applications.

We don’t employ a sales team so we really rely on our own good work, recommendations and our reputation to keep us in business. We are happy to present our ideas and recommendations for any project you have in mind on a speculative basis. Contact us today and let us show you how we aim for perfection in everything we do.

Email us at: hello@zookx.com or via the form below and we’ll call or email you straight back.