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PDC London website

Responding to changing technology.

We were contacted to by an existing client to update both their main website and the design and content of their satellite website which is aimed purely at the London market. Feedback from the client and the statistics we have built up via Google Analytics showed us that the mobile usage of the website was high and while the existing website did function on mobile devices it wasn’t always completely user friendly. We focused mainly in this area creating a new, clean looking website which works responsively, adjusting to the website users device and functioning just as well if viewed on a mobile device, a tablet or via a standard browser.

PDC London-Responsive Website for a Private Investigator

As this is a website for a branch of the business servicing the London region we also worked on content and coding in order to best optimise the website for that location. Currently over 70% of visitors to the website are located within the Greater London area and while the site has only been live for a couple of weeks, making it difficult to reach any firm conclusions, visitors numbers to the website have shown a 60% rise since we launched the updated website.

Take a look at the PDC London website here.