How We Work


Unsure about whether your business could benefit from a better online presence? Have a website already but its going un-noticed and not bringing in the enquiries you’d like? Social media; what is it and what can it do for your organisation?

Zookx can help with all of the above.

As the internet continues to change and develop, keeping up with trends and technology and more importantly knowing how to use these new developments to their best is more than the average business owner has time to contend with.

We can help. Looking at your business or organisation, assessing the market place, analysing your competitors and offering advice as to how you can move your business forward online, in the best and most cost effective way. This does not only apply to business’; organisations, charities and causes also often require help in achieving online exposure and publicity. We have the knowledge and experience to help. Furthermore we are always monitoring new developments, technology and trends and analysing how they might be of use to both our existing clients and in future projects.

Website Design

Here at Zookx we are dedicated to creating websites that are eye catching, stylish, easy to use and well coded in order to help your business or organisation reach its fullest online potential.

We have over fifteen years of experience within the field of new media, design and website development and as such we always strive to keep our practices current and to work to the very best of accepted website standards. We have thorough knowledge of all aspects of design and development so be it a simple brochure website, a site requiring advanced development or a secure ecommerce web store, you can be assured we have the experience and skills to produce great results.

All of our web sites are designed in house, in the UK, by our experienced web designers and developers.

When we set out to create a website to a new brief we always aim to offer a variety of options and to give our advice as to what we think would deliver the best results in the most cost effective manner for you.

We offer a complete portfolio of services to get your website or project realised quickly and launched online, on budget. We don’t employ sales teams to do a hard sell, When you contact us your enquiry will always be dealt with by a designer or programmer in our design office, so you can be sure the information you receive is technically correct, up-to-date, informative and honest.

More and more of our new clients have existing websites but find they are not performing as well as they might like. Often they also need to develop their current site further into other areas or to add in an e-commerce store, a blog or would like to be able to make updates to their website themselves. We are always happy to offer constructive advice regards any potential improvements that could be made to an existing website, be it cosmetic or technical – Your site might be working perfectly but if its poorly coded, not displaying correctly in some web browsers or if your customers can’t find what they need on it they will go elsewhere

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We like to be upfront about costs but it’s difficult to list exact costs online as as everyone’s requirements are different and each project we undertake is unique.


We provide website development services which cover everything from the creation of a Blog or a ‘CMS’ based website (A website you can edit and update yourself without the need for any extra software – CMS means ‘Content Management System’) through to the creation of online shops (e-commerce) or the coding and styling of templates for an existing piece of software in order to give it a unique look or to match your organisations current branding.

Our development team is highly experienced at developing online applications using both proven and emerging web technologies. We have developed a full suite of web-based applications that help our clients cost-effectively streamline their business, including e-marketing, newsletters, directories, secure e-commerce websites, content management solutions and sites that are integrated with social networking.

We work with you to assess your business requirements, define the functional specifications of the project and then to develop the very best solution for your needs and budget.

Zookx can provide:

  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Database development
  • Application development
  • Migration of website design from one platform to another
  • Migration between web hosts.
  • Installing a blogs on your website
  • Adding Live Chat features
  • Content management systems
  • Consulting
  • Online community development
  • Payment gateway integration

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We are always happy to offer constructive advice regards any potential improvements that could be made to existing websites, be it cosmetic or technical – your site may be working perfectly but if your customers can’t find what they need on it or if the search engines are having trouble separating its content from its coding then your online presence may be under performing.

For more information on our developemnt services, contact our Borehamwood based design office at: and we’ll call or email you straight back.