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Family Tree re-design

Zookx created its first instance of the Family Tree magazine website wayback in 2005, I had to use the wayback machine in fact to find the exact date. Then in 2007 it was time for a revamp in order to keep up with developments in design and ecommerce and now once again in 2011 we were tasked with updating the website to keep it up-to-date with trends, practices and coding.

Family Tree re-design website Screenshot

Much like we did with ABM Publishing’s other title, Dogs Monthly, we redesigned the new site with social media integration(facebook and twitter) and also coded the site in a content management software that will let Family Tree update the website themselves. Take a look at the all new web site here.

I wonder what developments will take place online between now and the next version of the website?

For more information on our design services email us at: and we’ll call or email you straight back.